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Titanfall viral marketing promotion was a success hit. With highly anticipated games like Titanfall, it was important to try to reach the gamers in an unusual way. The old days of blasting TV advertisement down the throats of your audience is over. With the web, it is now feasible to create extremely targeted audience to reach and promote new games.

This was the idea behind Acvitision’s viral promotion campaign for Titanfall. When the original game hit the market on Windows and Xbox consoles, Titanfall proved to be a smashing hit. Did the viral promotion help with the success? That is a question left to the analyzers.

The promotion for Titanfall was designed in a way to entice gamers in UK for anyone over 18 years old. The ad in question was 90 seconds video that advertised Xbox. In it was an easter egg that turned out to be binary codes. If the gamer was smart enough to decrypt the codes, this site is the one where gamers were landed on.

So what was the catch? A big prize that was sure to make any gamer stoked.

Here are the four prize pools

– Xbox console bundle
– Xbox console bundle with games and accessories
– Collector’s edition game artworks, autographed comics and various Xbox games and accessories
– 10,000 Xbox codes